CHEMVAC - TM Vacuum Pump-7017

CHEMVAC - TM Vacuum Pump-7017

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Product Description

Chemvac™ is a membrane vacuum pump designed to handle most vacuum application Chemvac™ can be used with gel drying, vacuum concentrators, vacuum ovens distillation. Always ensure to drew in clean air by keeping running the pump for at least 2 minutes after the operation ends to prolong the pumps lifetime.  Model: CHEMVAC™ 400. Power: 220V 50hz, Max Power (W): 90, Max Current (A): 0.6, Max presure: -660 mm Hg, Vaccum 0 mm Mg: 34 I/min, Vaccum 100 mm Mg: 29 I/min, Vaccum 200 mm Mg: 25 I/min, Vaccum 400 mm Mg: 12 I/min, Vaccum 500 mm Mg: 6 I/min, Vaccum 550 mm Mg: 3 I/min, Motor Rotation: 1450 RPM, Capacitance 4 u 400 V, Horse Power: 1/6 HP, Net Wt. 7.0 kg, Port Thread: 5/16", Noise Level: 50 dB