Chloroacetonitrile, 98%,100gm

Chloroacetonitrile, 98%,100gm

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Chloroacetonitrile, 98%,100gm a product from Avra Synthesis. Chloroacetonitrile, 98%,100gm has the following properties.

Product name : Chloroacetonitrile, 98%,100gm

Synonyms :


Chloromethyl cyanide



Monochloromethyl cyanide

CAS number: 107-14-2

Flash Point: Fp : 118F

Physical State: Liquid

Molecular Weight: 75.5 g/moL

Storage: Store at +15C to +25C.

Boiling point: 124-126C

Density: 1.195

R data: 23/24/25-51/53

S data: 45-61

Refractive index: RI : 1.4230

Chemical formula: C2H2ClN

Appearance: Clear colorless to faint yellow colored liquid.

Solubility: Miscible with Chloroform.

Moisture content: NMT 0.50%

Purity by GC: NLT 98.00%

Identification by GC: The Major peak of the test solution should match with the standard.

Catalogue number : ASBC1127

Quantity : 100 gm

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