Chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate, 98%,100gm

Chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate, 98%,100gm

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Chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate is supplied by Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. Chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate possess antiviral properties. Chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate is used in the intermediate step development of Tenofovir.

Product Specifications:

Product name: Chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate, 98%

Catalog no.: ASC2534.100gm

Brand: Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd

Molecular formula: C5H9ClO3

Molecular weight: 152.57

Pack Size: 100 gm

Purity by GC: NLT 98.00%

Product Features:

Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid

Physical State: Liquid

CAS: 35180-01-9

Density: 1.15

Boiling Point: 147.463C

Solubility: The product is soluble in methanol

Storage: Store the product at room temperature

Synonyms: chloromethyl propan-2-yl carbonate; isopropyl chloromethyl carbonate; Carbonic acid, chloromethyl 1-methylethyl ester

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