CHROMIUM OXIDE green powder

CHROMIUM OXIDE green powder

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Catalog No.: 00483 05000

CAS No: 1308-38-9

Quantity/Unit: 5 Kg/Bottle

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Chromium oxide green powder by Research Lab Fine Chem Industries is a high grade reagent. Also known as Chrome green, this compound is an oxide of chromium. The reagent is available as a green powder which is insoluble in water. It has a melting point at 2,435 C, and a boiling point at 4,000 C. Chromium oxide is generally derived from the mineral, chromite. While it is stable under general conditions, this reagent is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. CAS No.: 1308-38-9 Quantity Provided: 5 kg per bottle Molecular formula: Cr2O3 Molecular weight: 151.99 Assay: Minimum 98 % Chromium oxide has a variety of applications in chemical and biological sectors. This reagent finds applications in the organic synthesis of various derivatives. Chromium oxide is generally used as a pigment and was originally called viridian. It is incorporated in paints, inks, and glasses. It is additionally a precursor to the magnetic pigment, chromium dioxide. Chromium oxide is also used along with other oxides when polishing (also called stropping) the edges of knives, razors, surfaces of optical devices etc. This reagent is suitable for industrial synthesis of products and research applications.


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