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CleanRoom Pen - Black

CleanRoom Pen - Black

₹ 2,500.00 *
  • Brand: Micromaster
  • Catalog No.: CRS001BKG-10PC
  • Quantity/Unit: 10/Pack
  • Usually Shipped in: 1-2 Weeks

Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


High grade CleanRoom Pen (black) is supplied by Micromaster. It is gamma irradiated for effective sterilization. This pen consists of a special ink formula which is quick drying, non-toxic, has a low odour and is permanent. It is manufactured and packed in such a way that there is minimum contamination.

Quantity provided: 10 /pack

CleanRoom pens are ideal for documentation and labelling. A pen is a common writing instrument used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing or drawing. There are different kinds of pens available. A ballpoint pen dispenses an oil-based ink by rolling a small hard sphere, usually 0.51.2 mm and made of brass, steel, or tungsten carbide. A rollerball pen dispenses a water-based liquid or gel ink through a ball tip similar to that of a ballpoint pen. The less-viscous ink is more easily absorbed by paper than oil-based ink, and the pen moves more easily across a writing surface. A fountain pen uses water-based liquid ink delivered through a nib. The ink flows from a reservoir through a "feed" to the nib, then through the nib, due to capillary action and gravity. A felt-tip pen, or marker, has a porous tip of fibrous material. A gel pen uses ink in which pigment is suspended in a water-based gel. Because the ink is thick and opaque, it shows up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces than the typical inks used in ballpoint or felt tip pens.

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