C.L.E.D. Agar w/ Bromothymol Blue Plate-MP792-50PT

C.L.E.D. Agar w/ Bromothymol Blue Plate-MP792-50PT

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CLED Agar w/Bromo Thymol Blue Plate is supplied by HiMedia. It is supplied as sterile ready prepared media in 90mm disposable plates. This green coloured medium has a pH in the range of 7.1 to 7.5. CLED Agar is mostly used for the isolation and differentiation of urinary pathogens on the basis of lactose fermentation. It is advisable to store this product between 15-25C. Composition (in gm/L) is as follows:

Peptic digest of animal tissue (4.00)

Casein enzymic hydrolysate (4.00)

Beef extract (3.00)

Lactose (10.00)

L-Cystine (0.13)

Bromothymol blue (0.02)

Agar (15.00)

Sandys initially reported that swarming of Proteus species can be controlled by restricting the electrolytes on a solid medium. Later, Sandys medium was modified by Mackey and Sandys, by replacing mannitol by lactose and sucrose and elevating concentration of agar and bromo thymol blue. This formulation was further modified by the same authors and was called C.L.E.D. (Cystine-Lactose-Electrolyte-Deficient) by deleting the sucrose and by including L-cystine for promoting the growth of cystine dependant dwarf colony coliforms. CLED Agar is recommended for use in urinary bacteriology, promoting the growth of all urinary pathogens. This medium is also recommended for dip stick procedures and as a dip inoculum transport medium for urine specimens. Peptic digest of animal tissue, beef extract, casein enzymic hydrolysate supply essential growth nutrients. Lactose is the fermentable sugar. L-cystine supports the growth of dwarf coliform colony. Bromo thymol blue is the pH indicator which turns yellow at acidic pH.

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