Clinical Centrifuge, RPM 4500, RCF 2170 x g

Clinical Centrifuge, RPM 4500, RCF 2170 x g

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Brand: ANM Industries

Catalog No.: U4500-E

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Product Description

Clinical Centrifuge, RPM 4500; manufactured by ANM Industries, used for the separation of blood and urine samples. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing material at high speed. Clinical Centrifuge quickly spins the sample, separating all contents to the bottom of the micro centrifuge tube or separations in molecular processes.


• Max Rcf: 2170 x g

• Speed: 300-4500 RPM

• Reliable design meeting CE certification 

• Unique airflow design : Sample stays cool

• Brushless DC motor for maintenance free long life and silent operation 

• Microprocessor based Clinical Centrifuge large digital display

• Inbuilt timer function with continuous mode

• One switch changeover from RPM to RCF

• Speed / Acceleration switch, short-time run function, sound-alert function

• Clinical Centrifuge accommodates most common collection tubes - comes with adaptors for smaller 5 ml, 7 ml, & 1.5 / 2 ml tubes

• Lid lock safety feature during operation - Lid releases automatically after run completion 

• Silent operation


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