Combination Generator for N ,ZA & H (3 IN 1)

Combination Generator for N ,ZA & H (3 IN 1)

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Brand: PCI Analytics

Catalog No.: NHZA-03A

Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box

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Product Description

Combination Gas Generator N Comprising of Nitrogen, Zero Air & Hydrogen

Consists of -

a) Air Purifier & catalytic converter which includes cooling coil, Micron filters,

filters to remove moisture, dust etc.

b) Automatic Heatless Air Dryer timer based Operation with high efficiency

dessicant adsorbers which removes moisture upto PPM Level.

c) N2 purifier to remove O2 & produces N2 upto UHP Grade & also removes all

other unwanted impurities.

d) SS Tank for Air & Nitrogen Gas with regulator, gauge & toggle valve (in-built)

Capacity N2 Gas :- 200 ml/min at 5 kg / cm2,

Capacity Zero Air Gas :-1500 ml/min at 5 kg/ cm2.

Oil free Air Compressor ( Bare )In-built Capacity - P.D :- 3.0 cfm /FAD-50 LPM,

7bar. 0.60 HP, 230 V AC,50 Hz , 1 Phase.

2. High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generator: Capacity 300 ml/min

i) High Resolution & Sensitivity

ii) LED Digital Display for flow rate

iii) Hydrogen Purity: 99.999%

iv) Working pressure: 0 to 0.4, Mpa ( 0 to 4 kg / cm 2 )