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Copper Corrosion Bath; 6 Holes

Copper Corrosion Bath; 6 Holes

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  • Brand: ANM Industries
  • Catalog No.: CCB-06
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Copper Corrosion Bath; 6 Holes, manufactured by ANM Industries; is used to determine the corrosive effects of fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon products. Glass wool insulation of 6 Holes Copper Corrosion bath prevents heat loss.


Capacity: 6 Holes

Temperature Range (deg. Celsius): 5 to 100 deg C


Confirms to specifications as per ASTM D-130, IP-154 & IS 1448 (P-15) standards.

SS Top of the Copper Corrosion Bath has holes to accommodate a thermometer and also to lower down one Test Bomb / Test Tubes in each bath.

6 Holes Copper Corrosion bath has double walled constructions, outer body made of heavy gauge mild steel, painted with powder coated paint, inside made of stainless steel.

6 Holes Copper Corrosion bath has leak proof argon arc welded & fine finished.

A lid with knobs to cover the holes when not in use.

6 Holes Copper Corrosion bath act as a suitable support to hold the test tubes .

A stirrer is provided for uniform temperature.

A Drain cock is provided.

Temperature of 6 Holes Copper Corrosion bath is controlled by digital temperature controller cum indicator & PT-100 sensor.

Detects the corrosiveness of petroleum products to copper

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