Covid-19 Viral RNA Isolation Kit

Covid-19 Viral RNA Isolation Kit

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Brand: Aura Biotech

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Product Description

The novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) has caused global panic and infection of millions. Research units have been trying to develop a better understanding of the nature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Since it is an RNA virus, RNA isolation is an important part of research. RNA isolation is a sensitive and tricky procedure as RNA is sensitive to nucleases and gets damaged easily. 

Covid-19 Viral RNA Isolation kit is supplied by Aura Biotech. The Aura Pure Viral RNA Isolation kit works on the principle of magnetic nanobead technology, based on the adsorption of nucleic acids to paramagnetic beads under proper buffer conditions. This kit can be used directly with the nasal / throat swab samples collected in viral transport medium. It comes with a magnetic separator which can hold 12 microcentrifuge tubes, facilitating to easily work with 12 samples at a time, and achieve RNA isolation in about 90 minutes. 

Contents of Covid-19 Viral RNA Isolation Kit (50 preps):

Beads: 2 ml

Lysis Buffer: 5 ml

Wash Buffer: 10 ml

Elution Buffer: 2.5 ml

User Manual: 1

Magnetic Separator (12 tubes): 1

Product details:

Product name: Covid-19 Viral RNA Isolation Kit

Brand: Aura Biotech

Catalogue number: AP_RNAKit


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