D2 Lamp for Shimadzu LC 2030/2040

D2 Lamp for Shimadzu LC 2030/2040

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Product Description

D2 Lamp for Shimadzu LC 2030/2040 is created for application in Liquid Chromatography. Deuterium lamps use the stable arc discharge mainly in the ultraviolet range. It functions as a discharge light source. These lamps are preferred over light-hydrogen arc lamps. The D2 lamp has a tungsten filament and an anode within a nickel box. The lamp functions as a light source by creating an arc from the filament to the anode. The deuterium is excited to a higher energy by this process. The spectrum for D2 lamp extends from 122 nm to 900 nm. It is important to use eye-protection while using these lamps. Product name: D2 Lamp for Shimadzu LC 2030/2040 Specifications: Equivalent to P/N.228-55626-01 : Mounted for Shimadzu NEXERA

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