DaVinci Vial Holder Set - 71 Series, 5 ML

DaVinci Vial Holder Set - 71 Series, 5 ML

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Product Description

High grade DaVinci Vial Holder Set- 71 Series, 5 ml is supplied by DaVinci. This also a type of liquid feeding model. DaVinci Vial Holder Set consists of a vial holder, an integrated vented needle, a locking ring and bottle lock. This 'Vial Holder' model is used to draw liquid out of the original liquid manufacturer's vial. The Vial Holder body is constructed at an optimal angle. The locking ring on the vial ensures that the vial does not get disengaged from the Vial Holder body. The integrated vented needle ensures smooth operation of the dosing. The detachable slant Vial Holder Body fits standard vials. The safety locking nut ensure reliable and highly accurate repetitive pre-fixed dose dispensing.

• Quantity provided: 1/pack

Each pack includes a metal body, luer lock nozzle, plunger, glass barrel, integrated valve system, vial holder set, vials, locking ring, spare kit (springs, valve balls & washers), detailed operating manual, and a viscous solution spring. The plunger and spring-ball valve is made using stainless steel, the valve system is made using Ni-Cr Brass alloy and the washer and valve are made using PTFE.


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