De Mineralized Water (DM) 5L

De Mineralized Water (DM) 5L

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Brand: Fluidz Explorations

Catalog No.: FDW-02

Quantity/Unit: 5 L/Box

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Product Description

De mineralized water (Distilled Water / Deionized), is used in laboratories for routine purposes such as, preparation of reagents, media etc. This water is prepared by removing minerals as they may interfere with chemical processes during experiments.

  • Water quality: De mineralized / Deionized / Distilled
  • Volume: 1 X 5 L
  • Packaging: HDPE Container

This De mineralized water by Fluidz Explorations comes very handy on a daily basis for several laboratory purposes. Commonly referred to as Distilled water, DM water or Deionized water, it is processed using latest technology, and packed in strict environmental conditions.