Diphenyl ether, 99%,2.5lt

Diphenyl ether, 99%,2.5lt

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Diphenyl ether, 99%, supplied by Avra Synthesis, is basically found in alcoholic beverages, muscat grapes, green tea, vanilla, lemon balm, buckwheat, potato chips, etc. Diphenyl ether is an aromatic ether that has its oxygen attached to 2 phenyl substituents. It is widely utilized as a flavouring ingredient, in polyamide and polyimide production, as side product in the high-pressure hydrolysis of chlorobenzene in the phenol production.


1. Name: Diphenyl ether, 99%

2. Category: Acids and solvents

3. Brand: Avra Synthesis

4. Pack size: 2.5lt

5. Catalog number: ASD2069.2.5lt

6. Physical state: Liquid


1. Cas No: 101-84-8

2. Molecular Weight: 170.21

3. Storage: Store at +15C to +25C.

4. Boiling point: 258-260C

5. Melting point: 27-28C

6. Density: 1.071

7. Description: Clear colorless liquid

8. Solubility: Miscible with Chloroform

9. Moisture content by KF (% w/w): NMT 0.50%

10. Specific gravity at 25C: 1.067-1.073

11. Purity by GC (Area %): NLT 99.00 %

12. Molecular Formula: C12H10O

13. Synonyms:

Diphenyl oxide


Phenyl ether

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