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DNA Extraction Kit-Plant-TPDK-50

DNA Extraction Kit-Plant-TPDK-50

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  • Brand: Transiom Genomics
  • Catalog No.: TPDK-50
  • Quantity/Unit: 50 Extraction/Box
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DNA Extraction Kit-Plant-TPDK-50 is supplied by Transiom Genomics. A fast and simple method, the Plant DNA Extraction Kit can be used to isolating gDNA from Plant tissues. This method involves crushing the sample with liquid nitrogen followed by lysing with Lysis buffer (TPL). The genomic DNA in the lysate binds to the silica column, in the presence of a binding buffer with chaotropic salt. The DNA binds to the column while proteins and other impurities are removed by wash buffer. Transiom Plant DNA Extraction kit or DNA Isolation Kit provides a fast and simple method to isolating DNA from Plant tissues like Plant leaves, Plant roots, flowers and other plant tissue. Kit contains:

Buffer TPL -48ml

Buffer TPB -36ml

Buffer TWI -15ml

Spin column -50ml

Collection tube -50

RNAse A -10mg

Elution buffer -15ml

User manual -1

Materials required but not provided include, sterile pestle & mortar, nuclease-free microfuge tubes, liquid nitrogen, water bath equilibrated to 65C, nuclease free ddH2O, absolute (96%-100) ethanol, -mercaptoethanol and chloroform/isoamyl alcohol (24:1).

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