DNA Extraction Kit-Plasmid-TPLA-50

DNA Extraction Kit-Plasmid-TPLA-50

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  • Brand: Transiom Genomics
  • Catalog No.: TPLA-50
  • Quantity/Unit: 50 Extraction/Box
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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


DNA Extraction Kit-Plasmid-TPLA-50 is supplied by Transiom Genomics. The Plasmid miniprep kit is a simple, rapid, and cost-effective method which can be used for isolating plasmid DNA from recombinant E. coli cultures. These kits incorporate the power of silica column-based technology with the time-tested consistency of alkaline-SDS lysis of bacterial cells, to obtain high-quality DNA in less than 60 minutes. The Mini Columns facilitate the binding, washing, and elution of DNA, thus enabling multiple samples to be processed simultaneously. DNase, RNase and Proteinase-K are provided along with the kit, based on the type of sample. Transiom nucleic acid purification products are optimized to provide maximum yield, purity and integrity from virtually any sample type and applications. For fast and efficient isolation of DNA from a wide variety of samples like plant tissue, animal tissue, bacterial cells, buccal swab, soil, mitochondria, purification of PCR/Gel products, one can use this kit. The isolated products can be subjected to downstream applications like PCR, Real time PCR, Cloning, cDNA synthesis, Sequencing, etc. Transiom Plasmid DNA Extraction kit or DNA Isolation kit offers a simple, rapid and cost-effective method for isolating plasmid DNA from recombinant E. coli cultures.

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