DNA Extraction kit-Sperm-TSDK-50

DNA Extraction kit-Sperm-TSDK-50

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Brand: Transiom Genomics

Catalog No.: TSDK-50

Quantity/Unit: 50 Extraction/Box

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Product Description

DNA Extraction kit-Sperm-TSDK-50 is supplied by Transiom Genomics. This extraction and purification can be used to obtain genomic DNA from fresh or frozen semen and whole blood of mammals such as human, dog and cattle. It works effectively for blood specimen. It can be easily used to extract highly purified DNA with non-DNA strand breaks, by using a simplified and rapid centrifugation method. This kit needs a short preparation time and can yield extracted sperm DNA in approximately 2 hours. This procedure plays a vital role in forensic science, mainly in the examination of semen stains; medical science such as examining male infertility; as well as livestock breeding and improvement.  This kit is suitable for in-farm use, as well as in a research laboratory.