DNA Extraction Kit-Tissue-TTDK-50

DNA Extraction Kit-Tissue-TTDK-50

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Brand: Transiom Genomics

Catalog No.: TTDK-50

Quantity/Unit: 50 Extraction/Box

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Product Description

DNA Extraction Kit-Tissue-TTDK-50 is supplied Transiom Genomics. Tissue DNA Purification Kit is customized for the rapid purification of total DNA from a variety of tissues. Sample is proteolytically lysed in the presence of special buffer which aids the disintegration of tissue and cells. Proteinase K, provided in the kit, digests cellular proteins, all bound proteins of DNA, including nucleases. Optimized buffer and ethanol are added to provide selective conditions for DNA binding, during centrifugation, while contaminants pass through the resin in the spin-column. The trace contaminants remaining on the resin are efficiently removed in two wash steps. High-quality cellular DNA can then be eluted with nuclease free water.