Earle's Balanced Salt Solution 1X w/ Phenol red and sodium bicarbonate -TL1002-500ML

Earle's Balanced Salt Solution 1X w/ Phenol red and sodium bicarbonate -TL1002-500ML

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  • Brand: HIMEDIA
  • Catalog No.: TL1002-500ML
  • Quantity/Unit: 500ml/EA
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


TL1002 is referred as Earle's Balanced Salt Solution 1X With Phenol red and Sodium bicarbonate under HIMEDIA catalogue.TL1002 salt solution is used in Tissue culture media. The functions of salt solutions include to maintain the medium within physiological pH range, to maintain intracellular extra cellular osmotic balance and to serve as an energy source for cell metabolism when modified with a carbohydrate, such as glucose .Earle's balanced salt solution equilibrates with a 5% CO2 in air mixture. TL1002 Earle's balanced salt solution hence requires the cells to be grown in a 5% CO2 environment.

Composition :

Ingredients mg/L


Calcium chloride dihydrate 265.000

Magnesium sulphate anhydrous 97.720

Potassium chloride 400.000

Sodium bicarbonate 2200.000

Sodium chloride 6800.000

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous 122.000


D-Glucose 1000.000

Phenol red sodium salt 11.000

Specifications: TL1002 salt solution is a clear red coloured solution with a PH range in 7.40 -8.00.Store at 15- 30C away from bright light.

Shelf life is 24 months. Each pack contains 18 X 500ml of product.