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EXTRACTME GENOMIC DNA KIT - universal, 50 preps

EXTRACTME GENOMIC DNA KIT - universal, 50 preps

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  • Brand: Blirt
  • Catalog No.: EM13-050
  • Quantity/Unit: 50 preps/pack
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EXTRACTME GENOMIC DNA KIT - universal, 50 preps supplied by BLIRT is intended for a fast and effective purification of high quality genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasite or viral DNA from solid tissues, physiological fluids, fresh and frozen blood, human and animal mucosa membrane swabs, semen, hair, rodent tails, insects, bacteria, yeast and cell cultures. The protocol for isolation and buffer formulations is optimized for high isolation efficiency and DNA purity. The process for DNA purification involves 4 steps and uses spin minicolumns with membranes which bind nucleic acids efficiently and selectively. The 1st step includes the lysing of biological material by Proteinase K in optimized GL Buffer. All the cellular membranes and proteins gets degraded in this stage. The utilization of RNase A is advised only when it is necessary to eliminate RNA. The lysate is applied to the purification minicolumns membrane post the addition of chaotropic salts and the DNA is bound. The two-step washing stage adequately eliminates pollutants and enzyme inhibitors. The elution of purified DNA is done with the help of either a low ionic strength buffer (Elution Buffer) or water (pH 7.09.0). And it may be utilized directly in all downstream applications like PCR, quantitive real-time PCR, pharmacogenic research, Southern blotting, single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), short tandem repeat (STR) genotyping, DNA sequencing, enzymatic restriction, ligation and so forth, or stored until ready to use.

Product Specifications:

Product name - EXTRACTME GENOMIC DNA KIT - universal, 50 preps

Catalog No - EM13-050

Brand: BLIRT

Pack size: 50 preps

Product Features:


fresh or frozen solid tissue: 130 mg

formalin-preserved tissue: 130 mg

paraffin-embedded tissue: 130 mg

physiological fluids (urine, PMR, peritoneal fluid): up to 5 ml

cell culture: 103107 cells

broth or plate bacterial or yeast culture, frozen cell pellet

buccal, nasal, pharyngeal, vaginal, blood and saliva swabs or semen

fresh or frozen blood: up to 1 ml

hair: 1030 mg

insects: 130 mg


The typical efficiencies of DNA isolation from fresh biological material are given in section XIII.


50 g DNA


approx. 12 minutes (lysis time not included)

1060 minutes for sample preparation


A260/A280 ratio = 1.7 1.9

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