Flasks, Culture, Haffkine, 3000 ml-4422031

Flasks, Culture, Haffkine, 3000 ml-4422031

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Brand: Borosil

Catalog No.: 4422031

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Product Description

Flasks, Culture, Haffkine, 3000 ml-4422031 are supplied by Borosil. Flasks are a commonly used laboratory glassware. Laboratories use flasks for various purposes and flasks are specially designed to suit each of these needs. Flasks are used for storage of liquids, heating or cooling, distillation, mixing and dissolving solutes in solvents, etc. 

The Haffkine Culture Flasks from Borosil are designed for holding microbial cell cultures. Microbial culture flasks generally have a transparent and clear glass surface so that the user can easily monitor the growth the culture within. The surfaces of the flasks are also carefully designed such that it does not pose any hindrance to growth of the microbes. The flask from Borosil has the following properties:

- It is made from high quality glass to ensure durability.

- These flasks have a large, flat bottom which helps microbial cultures to grow in a uniform manner.

- The flask is best suited to grow microbial cultures in nutrient media.

Product specifications:

Product name: Flasks, Culture, Haffkine

Brand: Borosil

Catalogue number: 4422031

Volume capacity: 3000 mL

Approximate dimensions: 245 mm * 280 mm (OD * height)

Quantity: 2 flasks per case