GeNei GFP Cloning Teaching Kit-6106000011730

GeNei GFP Cloning Teaching Kit-6106000011730

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  • Brand: Bangalore GeNei
  • Catalog No.: 6106000011730
  • Quantity/Unit: 5 expts. /Kit
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GeNei GFP Cloning Teaching Kit is provided by Genei to facilitate easy and effective demonstration of cloning techniques to students. In molecular biology, cloning is the technique by which a gene of interest in copied into a plasmid for obtaining multiple copies of the gene. Gene cloning is a very important technique which finds application in many different areas such as food technology, gene therapy, etc. The GeNei GFP Cloning Teaching Kit contains all the required reagents to demonstrate the cloning of the GFP (Green fluorescent protein) gene into a vector (pUC). The cloned plasmids can be transformed into E.coli. The E.coli can be grown on agar and transformants can be selected as those colonies which give a glowing green colour under UV light.

The kit contains the following components:

- Control DNA

- Vector

- Host

- T4 DNA ligase and assay buffer

- Agar

- Ampicillin for selection

- LB broth

- 1.5 mL vials

- Instruction manual for further reference

Product specifications:

Product name: GeNei GFP Cloning Teaching Kit

Catalogue Number: 6106000011730

Brand: Genei

Number of experiments supported: 5

Price: Rs. 6,600.00

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