GeNei Thin Layer Chromatography Teaching Kit-6119290021730

GeNei Thin Layer Chromatography Teaching Kit-6119290021730

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Brand: Bangalore GeNei

Catalog No.: 6119290021730

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Product Description

GeNei Thin Layer Chromatography Teaching Kit, (with TLC chamber) is provided for easy demonstration of the concepts and techniques of TLC. Thin layer chromatography uses a stationary phase made of a thin layer of silica gel, alumina or some adsorbent material. The mobile phase is the mixture of non-volatile substances which must be separated. Capillary action causes the mobile phase to move up the stationary phase and the mixture gets separated based on the differential mobility of the components of the mixture. The mobility of the various components of the mixture vary because of their different molecular and structural properties, interaction with the stationary phase, etc. The relative mobility of each component of the mixture may be analysed using a value called Rf value, or retention factor. The Rf value is the distance moved by a single component on the TLC stationary phase as compared to the distance moved by the mobile phase. The GeNei Thin Layer Chromatography Teaching Kit, (with TLC chamber) has all the components required to demonstrate how the technique works. The users may use the TLC plate given in the kit to separate the given sample, which is a mixture of amino acids and compare the obtained Rf value with the Rf values of standard amino acids. The standard TLC chamber must be used for this experiment (which has to be ordered separately). 

The kit has the following components :

Test sample 

9 standards for comparison

TLC plates

TLC solvent

Developing reagent

Instruction manual for further reference. 

Product specifications:

Product name: GeNei Thin Layer Chromatography Teaching Kit, (with TLC chamber)

Brand: Genei

Catalogue number: 6119290021730

Number of experiments supported: 10

Price: Rs. 7,130.00