Goat anti-rabbit IgG - ALP, 1 ml

Goat anti-rabbit IgG - ALP, 1 ml

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Specific antibodies are used commonly for the identification and characterization of proteins during techniques such as ELISA, immune-electrophoresis, western blotting etc. These antibodies can be monoclonal or polyclonal, based on the requirement of the assay. Antibodies against a particular protein can be raised in various species of animals (hosts). The host animals are immunized with the protein and the antibodies generated in the host serum against the protein are collected and purified for use. The antibodies can also be conjugated to several labels, which can be used to detect the antibodies bound to specific target antigens for quantitative and qualitative analysis. The Goat anti-rabbit Ig - ALP is a conjugated secondary antibody from Genei. This antiserum is generated goat as a host. IgG is procured from rabbit serum and is injected into goat, as an immunogen. The antiserum generated in the goat is isolated and purified via affinity chromatography. To enable its use as a secondary antibody, this product is conjugated to ALP (alkaline phosphatase) by the maleimide method. Alkaline phosphatase reacts with various substrates to give a fluorescence which can be quantified. The product is supplied in a 0.1 sodium azide preservative.

Product specification:

Product name: Goat anti-rabbit IgG - ALP

Quantity: 1 mL

Brand: Genei

Catalogue number:1100180011730

Storage: -20C