Goat serum 10ml

Goat serum 10ml

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  • Brand: Bangalore GeNei
  • Catalog No.: 1630180101730
  • Quantity/Unit: 10 ml/Bottle
  • Usually Shipped in: 2-3 Weeks

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Specific antibodies are used commonly for the identification and characterization of proteins during techniques such as ELISA, immune-electrophoresis, western blotting etc. These antibodies can be monoclonal or polyclonal, based on the requirement of the assay. While using these antibodies, it is important to ensure that the binding between the target protein and the antibody is specific. For this, blocking agents are commonly used. They are employed to prevent the non-specific binding of the antibodies to reaction surfaces, such as the ELISA plate or random areas of blots. It also ensures that the antibodies do not bind to the free, but non-specific binding sites. Normal goat serum is found to be an effective blocking reagent. Normal Goat Serum is provided by Genei for application in immunological assays. This serum is produced from healthy goats which are non-immunized. The serum is packed aseptically and mixed with 0,05% sodium azide.

Product name: Goat Serum

Quantity: 10 mL

Brand: Genei

Catalogue number: 1630180101730

Storge: -20C

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