GST-Tagged Bacterial Protein Purification Kit (Gravity Flow)-MBPP003-2NO

GST-Tagged Bacterial Protein Purification Kit (Gravity Flow)-MBPP003-2NO

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  • Catalog No.: MBPP003-2NO
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GST-Tagged Bacterial Protein Purification Kit (Gravity Flow) is supplied by HiMedia. This kit is supplied with 2ml resin-packed column and all the solutions required for gravity flow-based purification process. It is advisable to store this product at 2-8C.

Purification of fusion proteins from a whole cell lysate is based on the strong affinity of the GST moiety for glutathione, which is immobilized on agarose beads. GST-tagged proteins are eluted under mild, non-denaturing, conditions using neutral-pH buffers containing free glutathione. The purification process preserves protein antigenicity and functionality. If removal of the GST-tag is necessary, fusion proteins may be cleaved using a site-specific protease. The yield of GST-tagged proteins depends on various parameters, such as nature of the fusion protein, expression host, culture conditions etc. However, some recommendations on protein load and culture size can be given.