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Hexa Universal - 1-HX032-1PK

Hexa Universal - 1-HX032-1PK

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  • Brand: HIMEDIA
  • Catalog No.: HX032-1PK
  • Quantity/Unit: 1pk/PACK
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Hexa Universal - 1-HX032-1PK is 6-in-one multi disc, a hexa disc, supplied by HiMedia. It contains an inert flat circular hexa ring with 6 equidistant arms on the outer periphery, each arm having a 6mm disc. Each disc is saturated with a specific antibiotic, that help in antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) of Universal bacteria. Each antibiotic disc is about 24mm apart from the adjacent disc, and is labeled with the concentration and symbol of the respective antibiotic.

The composition of antibiotics on the discs are as:

Bacitracin 10units

Chloramphenicol 30mcg

Penicillin G 10units

Polymyxin B 300mcg

Gentamicin 10mcg

Neomycin 30 mcg

The Hexa Universal - 1-HX032 rings are deposited aseptically in the center of the inoculated Mueller Hinton agar plate using sterile forceps. Immediately the plates are incubated at 352C for 16-18 hours. For fastidious organisms, incubate at appropriate temperature and time. The diameter of the zones of complete inhibition are measured to the nearest mm.

These multidiscs are convenient and economic for conducting AST. They give the priviledge to study large number of antibiotics at one time.

The Hexa Universal - 1-HX032 discs should be stored at -20C under dry conditions, along with the dessicator provided in indivisual pack.

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