High Speed Prog. Centrifuge, RPM 15000

High Speed Prog. Centrifuge, RPM 15000

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Product Description

High Speed Micro Centrifuge, RPM 15000; manufactured by ANM Industries, used for the separation of fluids, gas or liquid, based on density. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing material at high speed. It quickly spins the sample, separating all contents to the bottom of the microcentrifuge tube or separations in molecular processes.High strength metal casing of High Speed Micro Centrifuge ensures security of centrifugal process


• Speed: 200-15000 RPM

• Rcf: 21380 x g

• Temperature: 20 to 40 deg C

• Accuracy: +/- 20 RPM

• Time range: 30 sec to 99 minutes or in continuous mode

• High Speed Micro Centrifuge is user friendly with  large LCD display which  provides all visual information

• Quiet and stable operation for Laboratories.

• Dual door interlock design for safety

• Gentle breaking at low speed with effective separation

• Brushless DC motor accelerates quickly and effortlessly to set the speed

• Powerful and efficient cooling system

• High strength aluminum rotor is Bio-safe and fully autoclavable

• Portable

• Easy to use


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