High Temperature Indicator Tape for Dry Oven-670080

High Temperature Indicator Tape for Dry Oven-670080

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Product Description

High temperature Indicator Tape For Dry Oven is supplied by Tarsons. It has a dimension of 0.75” x 250”. These are used to check if the desired temperature is attained in the oven. 

• Quantity provided: 1 roll/pack

Different types of sterilization indicators for high temperatures are available, like chemical indicators and pressure sensitive indicators. Chemical indicator strips provide a distinct colour change when exposed to dry heat sterilization process. A range of such strips are available which have a specific colour change pattern based on the temperature they are designed for. One such strip has an orange coloured square mark which changes colour when exposed to dry heat sterilization. The correct end point is indicated when the orange square mark on the strip is equal or darker in colour than reference arrow. These are widely used since such a rapid colour change can be easily visualized. Pressure-sensitive labels are used for hard-surfaced areas such as unwrapped glass or metal. The indicator ink on the label turns from tan to black within 5 minutes of exposure to the required temperature. This colour change can be used to verify exposure during dry heat sterilization. Dry heat indicator strips can also be made from paper. Such kind of strips are disposable, nonsterile and latex-free.