HiPurA 96 Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit-MB523-1X96PR

HiPurA 96 Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit-MB523-1X96PR

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Product Description

HiPurA 96 Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit is supplied by HiMedia. The HiPurA 96 Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit provides a fast and easy method for purification of total DNA from plant for reliable applications in PCR and Southern blotting technique etc. The DNA purification procedure using the 96-well format comprises of three steps viz. adsorption of DNA to the membrane, removal of residual contaminants and elution of pure genomic DNA. This kit uses the principle of silica binding in a 96-well format that eliminates the need for expensive resins, alcohol precipitation and hazardous organic compounds such as phenol and chloroform. The DNA obtained is compatible with downstream applications such as restriction enzyme digestion, PCR and Southern blotting. This kit contains:

Lysis Buffer (PL)


Precipitation Buffer (PS)

Binding Buffer Concentrate (BB)

Wash Solution Concentrate (WSP)

Elution Buffer (ET) [10mM Tris-Cl, pH 8.5]

RNase A Solution (20 mg/ml)

HiPurA 96-well DNA Plate

HiPurA 96-well Block (2.2 ml)

HiPurA 96-well Block (1.6 ml)

HiPurA Silicon Pad for sealing

HiPurA 96-well HiShredder

HiPurA 96-well VBlock

This kit simplifies isolation of DNA from fresh plant material with spin column procedure in a 96well format. The procedure is optimized for a maximum of 50-100 mg of wet-weight starting material. The samples (fresh) are cut and ground in liquid nitrogen using tissue lyser system or tungsten carbide bead beating system or by grinding in a mortar and pestle. The ground tissue is then mixed with the Lysis Buffer (PL). Protein precipitation is followed by removal of other contaminants using HiPurA 96-well HiShredder. The flow-through fraction is then mixed with a solution that enhances the binding of DNA to the HiPurA 96-well DNA Plate. The solution is then passed through the DNA Plate that is followed by washing steps to remove trace contaminants. High quality DNA is eluted in the Elution Buffer (ET) provided in the kit. Typical yield from 50-100 mg of wet weight sample is 1-15 g.