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HiPurA Multi-Sample DNA Purification Kit

HiPurA Multi-Sample DNA Purification Kit

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  • Brand: HIMEDIA
  • Catalog No.: MB554-250PR
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HiPurA Multi-Sample DNA Purification Kit is supplied by HiMedia. HiPurA Multi-Sample DNA Purification Kit provides a fast and easy method for purification of total DNA from a wide variety of samples for downstream applications such as PCR, Southern blotting technique etc. The DNA purification procedure using the miniprep spin column comprises of three steps viz. adsorption of DNA to the membrane, removal of residual contaminants and elution of pure genomic DNA. HiMedias HiElute Miniprep Spin Column (Capped) format allows rapid processing of multiple samples. The columns have a high binding capacity and high quality genomic DNA is obtained from various species. The DNA obtained is compatible with downstream applications such as restriction enzyme digestion, PCR and Southern blotting. This kit contains:

Resuspension Buffer (MS)

Lysis Solution (C1)

Gram- Positive Lysis Solution (GPLA)

Prewash Solution Concentrate (PW)

Wash Solution Concentrate (WS)

Elution Buffer (ET) [10 mM Tris-Cl, pH 8.5]

Proteinase K


RNase A Solution (20 mg/ml)

HiElute Miniprep Spin Column (Capped) [in DBCA016 Collection Tube]

Collection Tubes (Uncapped), Polypropylene (2.0 ml)

Collection Tubes, Polypropylene (2.0 ml)

This kit simplifies isolation of DNA from fresh, old (more than 24 hours) and frozen blood, bacteria (Gram-positive and Gram-negative), tissues and cells with spin-column procedure. Genomic DNA purification from blood involves cell lysis by incubating the whole blood in a solution containing chaotropic ions in the presence of Proteinase K at 55C. After the initial binding of DNA onto the HiElute Miniprep Spin Column (Capped), impurities like proteins, polysaccharides, low molecular weight metabolites and salts are removed by short washing steps. High quality DNA is finally eluted in the Elution Buffer provided with the kit. Typical yield is 4-12 g of total DNA from 200 l of whole blood. For genomic DNA isolation from bacteria, cells are grown in a medium till they reach log phase and are harvested by centrifugation. After harvesting, the bacterial (Gram-positive) cell wall is degraded by lysozyme and Proteinase K. For Gram-negative bacteria, the lysozyme treatment is not required. Following lysis, the DNA is bound to the silica-gel membrane of the HiElute Miniprep Spin Column (Capped) to yield approximately upto 20 g of pure DNA. Two rapid wash steps remove trace amount of salt and protein contaminants resulting in the elution of pure DNA in the Elution Buffer provided with the kit.

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