HiPurA Silica Kit for DNA Isolation

HiPurA Silica Kit for DNA Isolation

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HiPurA Silica Kit for DNA Isolation is supplied by HiMedia. The HiPurA Silica Kit for DNA Isolation provides a convenient method for extracting DNA from low melting agarose gels, for recovering DNA from Polymerase Chain Reactions or from tissues treated with various chemicals, isolating DNA from mini-preps, as well as for concentration of DNA without ethanol precipitation. This kit contains:

Glass Powder Suspension (GPS)

Chaotropic Salt Solution (CSS)

Concentrated Wash Solution (SWS)

This method involves the use of chaotropic salts that can solubilize agarose at 55C. In the presence of high concentrations of chaotropic salts, DNA binds to glass powder particles and elutes when the salt concentration is reduced. As the salt concentration reduces, rehydration of the DNA breaks the bonding between the glass powder matrix and the DNA. The glass powder with adsorbed DNA when washed with the wash buffer containing ethanol helps in the removal of salt and impurities from the original sample. The clean DNA can be eluted in water or TE buffer at 55C. This isolation method of DNA is faster and easier to perform than the other organic solvent based extraction methods. It is advisable to store this product between 2-8C.

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