HiPurA XL1-Blue Competent Cells-MBT144-20R

HiPurA XL1-Blue Competent Cells-MBT144-20R

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  • Catalog No.: MBT144-20R
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MBT144-10R is referred as HiPurA XL1-Blue Competent Cells under HiMedia catalogue. HiPurA XL1-Blue Competent Cells are specially designed chemically competent cells to make cloning experiments more easier.
Competent cells are ready to use bacterial cells that contain an altered cell membrane through which a foreign DNA can pass through very easily. HiPurA BL21(DE3) Competent Cells prepared by following a modified protocol of Hanahan (1983, J.Mol.Biol 166:557) and are recommended for regular sub cloning of recombinant plasmids. XL1-Blue is the most commonly used
E.coli strain for routine cloning applications through blue/white screening of colonies on plates containing X-Gal and IPTG as the lacZM15 marker provides -complementation of the -galactosidase gene.
Genotype: -recA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 hsdR17 supE44 relA1 lac
Applications:1)Highest transformation efficiency 2) General cloning 3) Blue-white selection 4) Plasmid isolation
Pack size 20 vials

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