HiTransfect Transfection Medium, Serum Free, Animal Component Free, Low protein

HiTransfect Transfection Medium, Serum Free, Animal Component Free, Low protein

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  • Brand: HIMEDIA
  • Catalog No.: SFM015-500ML
  • Quantity/Unit: 1x500ml/EA
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HiTransfectTM Transfection Medium, Serum Free, Animal Component Free, Low Protein is supplied by HiMedia. It is offered in the form of two parts, A and B. Part A, or the basal medium, is available in the form of an orangish red coloured clear solution while part B, or the serum-free growth supplement, is available in the form of a clear colourless solution. Both the parts have a pH in the range of 7.00 to 7.6 and an osmolality between 310-350 Osm/Kg H20. It is advisable to store part A between 2-8C and away from bright light and store part B at -20C. HiTransfectTM Transfection Medium is serum free, animal component free, low protein transfection medium engineered for culturing multiple mammalian cell line without adaptation. Low protein content (less than 10g/ml) in the medium simplifies and accelerates downstream processing by reducing the steps required to remove unwanted proteins.

Quantity provided: 1 x 500ml/EA

The efficiency of transfection can be influenced by the composition of the medium in which cells are grown. Media components affect the growth of transfected cells as well as expression of the recombinant proteins. For most transfection reagents, the transfection efficiency is reduced with increase in concentration of serum. Hence, low serum and serum-free media are preferred over serum containing media. Culture of cells in serum free conditions facilitates downstream processing of product and minimizes the problems associated with the use of serum such as lot-to-lot variability, presence of exogenous contaminants and availability. Cells growing in HiTransfectTM Transfection Medium exhibit optimum growth rate and characteristic morphology without the need for addition of attachment proteins or pre-treatment of attachment surface. The medium gives high efficiency of transfection and is compatible with many types of transfection agents.

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