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Brand: U R Biocoction

Catalog No.: MSH

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Product Description

Hot plate magnetic stirrers are instruments supplied by URBIOCOCTION. Hot plate magnetic stirrers are used in laboratories to ensure complete mixing and dissolution of reagents. The stirrer uses a magnetic plate and a bead which can be placed inside containers holding reagents to be mixed. The stirrer is also a hot plate and can be used to heat reagents. The hot plate magnetic stirrers from URBIOCOCTION has the following features:

- The top of the instrument is made of stainless steel and it is corrosion and chemical resistant.

- The instrument has a speed control switch fitted.

– The instrument can achieve stirring speeds of up to 1500 rpm.

- It has a volume capacity of up to 2 litre.

- A temperature control switch is fitted, which can raise the temperature up to 350°C.

- ON-OFF Switch and One pilot indicator lamp is also provided.

- Power supply details– 220-230V, 50-60 HZ.

Product specifications:

Product name: Hot plate magnetic stirrer


Catalogue number: MSH


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