Hot Plate, S.S, 12 inch

Hot Plate, S.S, 12 inch

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Brand: ANM Industries

Catalog No.: HPR-3-R-S

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Product Description

Hot plate with energy regulator fully S.S, 12 inch; supplied by ANM Industries, is used to heat samples with uniform heating. It is a portable and easy to use device.

Product Specifications:

• Body is made of galvanized iron sheet powder coated

• Round Top Plate is fabricated with cast SS

• Energy regulator controls the  temperature of 12 inch S.S Hot plate .

• The panel is equipped with power control button and pilot lamp, serving as a good ignition source.

• Ambient to 350 degree Celsius


• 12 inch S.S Hot plate is significantly used in laboratory, cytology, histology, pathology  to heat samples. 

• Suitable to heat glassware or its contents containing  toxic chemicals . It is safe to use.

•  12 inch S.S Hot plate provides excellent temperature uniformity, control and accuracy.