Immobilon-E PVDF Membrane

Immobilon-E PVDF Membrane

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  • Brand: Sigma-Aldrich
  • Catalog No.: IEVH85R
  • Quantity/Unit: 1EA/Pack
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Immobilon-E PVDF Membrane is supplied by Merck (Sigma-Aldrich). Immobilon-E is the first PVDF membrane for Western blotting that can be wetted with with aqueous transfer buffer. This eliminates the alcohol pre-wet step required with other PVDF membranes. The features & benefits include:

- High protein binding provides stronger signal

- Wont crack, curl or fracture when cut

- Low background

- Superior staining capabilities

- Can be stripped and reprobed multiple times


Name: Immobilon-E PVDF Membrane

Brand: Merck (Sigma-Aldrich)

Pack size: 1EA

Catalog number: IEVH85R


material: PVDF membrane, plain filter, white filter

feature: hydrophobic

filter length x width: 8.5 cm 10 m

pore size: 0.45 m pore size

capacity: 160 g/cm2 adsorption capacity (insulin), 215 g/cm2 adsorption capacity (BSA), 294 g/cm2 adsorption capacity (goat IgG)

detection method: chemiluminescent, colorimetric, radioactive