DNA Extraction Kit-Insect-TIDK-50

DNA Extraction Kit-Insect-TIDK-50

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Brand: Transiom Genomics

Catalog No.: TIDK-50

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Product Details

DNA Extraction Kit-Insect-TIDK-50 is supplied by Transiom Genomics. Insect gDNA kit can be used to isolate genomic DNA from insects, arthropods, roundworms, flatworms etc. This kit is suitable for fresh as well as frozen insect samples. Insects are pulverized in liquid nitrogen using a mortar and pestle, then subjected to lysis by Proteinase K in a chaotropic salt solution. Following which, the sample is subjected to the Spin Column where DNA binds to the silica gel membrane, thereby separating it from impurities, to yield purified DNA. Washing the sample with Elution Buffer (ET), removes the trace salt and protein contaminants resulting in the elution of high-quality DNA. Insect tissues often consist of an exoskeleton composed of chitin, which is a structural polysaccharide that is comparable to plant cellulose. This calls for additional preparatory steps in homogenizing insect tissue, such as by freezing and grinding in order to improve DNA yield.  

This DNA purification kit is capable of isolating genomic DNA from arthropods such as Drosophila, insects, roundworms, flatworms etc. The extracted DNA can be subjected to molecular biology applications, like amplification and sequencing.



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