iRupt 24P Homogenizer - 490 to 4550 RPM

iRupt 24P Homogenizer - 490 to 4550 RPM

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Mixing solutions isnt that easy, especially if you are working with dense solutions of yeast, bacteria and plant and animal tissues. For this one needs a homogenizer in the lab and not just any homogenizer but a highly efficient and accurate one which shows impeccable utility. This equipment by Neuation fulfils all this and much more. The Homogenizer 490 to 4550 RPM is ideal for all your homogneous culture mixing problems.

This Brushless DC Motor run equipment is a hassle free no maintenance instrument which can be used for a long period of time. With easy variable cycle of settings along with a programmable memory upto 99 Settings, this is the prefect deal for most of our lab protocols. It has a capacity of running 24 samples each of 1.5-2.0 litre solution at a speed of 490 4550 rpm which is increased 30 rpm at a step. The Homogenizer 490 to 4550 RPM has a running time of 1 second to 90 seconds which can be increased by 1 second at a step. The pause time ranges between 10 second to 600 seconds with an increment of 1 second at a step. There 10 cycles possible at a time in this instrument which means you can use it for more no. of cycles. The equipment is well endowed with safety features like lid lock system ensuring that the samples remain locked in the equipment while the machine in operation. Features such as less heat generating and convenient loading ensures the safety, sanctity and durability of the instrument for the long run.

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