iShak PS10/20 Platform Shaker Attachments -for 500 ml flask

iShak PS10/20 Platform Shaker Attachments -for 500 ml flask

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Product Description

iShak PS10/20 SS clamp as the name suggests is a stainless steel clamp support for your conical flasks when they are undergoing mixing and shaking in iShak PS10/20 Platform Shaker. These clamps are extremely utility and equipment specific. So, an iShak PS10/20 SS clamp can only be used for the Platform Shaker manufactured by Neuation which holds up to 7.5 kg of weight.

The Stainless Steel clamp comes in one unit and is made of unreactive durable stainless steel, thus preventing any contamination or reaction with biological solutions. It has the supporting capacity for a 500ml flask and can’t support lab utensils greater than that. It can withstand the speed and time duration utilised by the platform shaker. So, a speed of 50-500 rpm and a duration of 1 min to 99 hours can be easily endured by the clamps without any damage. These clamps are essential part of Platform Shakers and without them there’s a risk of spillage which is quite dangerous in a molecular biology lab. With these in place, you can go tension-free of spillage. You don’t have to tend to shakers and mixers from time to time, instead the clamps will ensure that everything runs smoothly. So, this greatly speeds up experiments as you save time from doing menial labour such as mixing and shaking which needs to be done frequently for a long period of time.