iShak TS4 - Four plate incubated shaker- 200 to 1200 RPM

iShak TS4 - Four plate incubated shaker- 200 to 1200 RPM

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Incubated Shakers are important lab equipments if you are working with microtiter plates regularly. Most biological labs use microplates for a range of applications including antigen-antibody protocols, cell culturing, enzyme assays and a range of test protocols such as ELISA and Western Blotting. In such a scenario, a device like this which can maintain the protocol conditions and mix constituents of the microplate becomes an absolute necessity.

Neuations iShak Incubated shaker 1200 RPM does that and helps in your day-to-day experiments. This Brushless DC motor run instrument has a variable time duration of running which can be set for 1-999 mins run or infinite mode. The 3mm orbital Diameter device is highly efficient and accurate in homogeneously mixing samples, even under high load along with an ability to remember and the last run conditions. Incubated shaker 1200 RPM, as the name suggests has a speed range of 200-1200 rpm and comes equipped with 4 easy access standard skirted microplates having 384 wells in each of them which in turn can hold 60 microlitres of solution in each well. The digital display helps to monitor all the conditions and the pulse mode helps in setting a pulse time of 30-99 secs. Theres an inbuilt counterbalance which balances the weight in the instrument and there is a PS01-R1 category non-slip o-ring rubber band holding the plates. All of these makes it a safe and sound equipment to be used in the laboratory.

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