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iShak US15 Platform shaker w/o attachments

iShak US15 Platform shaker w/o attachments

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: ishakUS15
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Platform Shakers are the most used equipment in a biological lab as it is needed daily for preparing culture media and biochemical solutions and reagents. This instrument is found in every laboratory where different culturing media are prepared regularly. The machine help in mixing the grainy particulate media into the liquid solution giving a homogenous mixture which would later solidify to provide the matrix for cell growth. This product manufactured by Neuation is often found in most labs as it is highly effective and user -friendly.

This maintenance free Platform shaker, run by a Brushless DC Motor operates by alternating linear and orbital motion, gently mixing upto 15 kg of weight. The instrument has a platform size of 745mm by 490 mm having a varied orbital range from 30 to 70 mm and accordingly it can hold upto 14 conical flasks. The machine can be programmed to save and run upto 6 protocols each of them having 9 more sub-protocols and has a program looping sysytem. This makes it viable for a wide range of working conditions. It has a running time of 1- 99 hours and 59 mins with a viable program mode which allows for motion, speed (clockwise and anticlockwise), time, sequence and loop operation setting. Additional features such as IP21 Class Protection, auto power resumption form where it left off in case of power failure and RS232 Interface of remote operation makes the Platform shaker a useful equipment for regular use. Added to these different set of platform attachments makes it ideal for all types of lab vessels.

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