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L-Flask With Side Cut For Dissolution Apparatus, Amber-4268029

L-Flask With Side Cut For Dissolution Apparatus, Amber-4268029

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  • Brand: Borosil
  • Catalog No.: 4268029
  • Quantity/Unit: 6/Case
  • Usually Shipped in: 1-2 Weeks

Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

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L-Flask With Side Cut For Dissolution Apparatus, Amber-4268029 are supplied from Borosil. Flasks are a commonly used laboratory glassware. Laboratories use flasks for various purposes and flasks are specially designed to suit each of these needs. Flasks are used for storage of liquids, heating or cooling, distillation, mixing and dissolving solutes in solvents, etc.

The Amber L-flask with side-cut for Dissolution Apparatus from Borosil is specially designed to suit the needs of drug-studies. The size and shape of the flask make it perfect for studying the dissolution of drugs in tablets and capsules. The flask has the following features:

- It is made from high quality glass to ensure durability.

- These flasks have high levels of thermal, chemical and shock resistance and are hence, suited for a wide range of laboratory applications.

- The flange of the flask is provided with two side-cuts.

- The design of the flask gives a uniform base, shaped as a hemisphere and the quality of the manufacturing process ensures no structural flaws, a flat flange and straight and smooth side walls.

- The outer surface of the flask is coated with amber and hence it is useful for testing light-sensitive material. Since the amber is only on the outer surface, it does not create any interference with the experiments.

- Graduation marks are provided on the wall of the flask for accurate and convenient volume measurement (marks are made at intervals of 50 mL).

- Quality Certifications:

- USP Ch. 711

Product specifications:

Product name: L-flask with side-cut, Dissolution apparatus, as per USP, Amber with certificate

Brand: Borosil

Catalogue number: 4268029

Volume capacity: 1000 mL

Approximate dimensions: 124 mm * 173 mm (OD * height)

Quantity: 6 units per case

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