LCD Ultrasonic Cleaner-ATS-2

LCD Ultrasonic Cleaner-ATS-2

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Brand: Athena Technology

Catalog No.: ATS-2

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Product Description

2.5 Litre LCD Ultrasonic Cleaner is supplied by Athena Technology.It is used for removing the contaminants from the device.It is used to fulfill all cleaning needs of the labs including QC, R&D and analytical labs, scientific and pharmaceutical labs. The use of Ultrasonic Cleanser offers gentle yet effective cleaning action ensuring that no contaminants are left from the previous process.

Product specifications:

• Capacity: 2.5 litres

• TANK SIZE (LXWXH) in mm: 240 X 135 X 100

• Ultrasonic Power: 120W

• Heating power: 100W


• large LCD display to show the precise time, temperature , power level

• Time setting with 1-99 minutes and built-in heating to 60℃ , adjustable power range of 10%~100%.

• Built-in “sound insulation paste” keep this series with low noise

• With sweep function & degas function

• Humanized carrying handle and drain valve for whole models

• Memory function will automatically save the most recently used setup parameters for next use.

• With sleeping mode to keep electrical energy saving Adjustable power Heating function Low noise Adjustable time Sweep function Memory function Degas function Sleeping mode



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