LCMS Nitrogen Generator-AT-LCMS

LCMS Nitrogen Generator-AT-LCMS

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Product Details

Nitrogen Generator for LCMS: Nitrogen Gas Generator produces a continuous flow of high purity Nitrogen at the selected pressure. The modular pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit operates with alternating pressure increase and decrease. Untreated air flows under pressure through the reaction towers containing carbon molecular sieves adsorber. Moisture, CO, CO2, THC, O2 and other unwanted components in the air are adsorbed, leaving Nitrogen Gas of required purity. During the desorption cycle, the trapped substances adsorbed are released again at low pressure and the adsorber is ready for next cycle.

Technical Specifications: Specifications For LC-MS (TNG-02L)

For LC-MS-MS (TNG-02LS) (for Sciex model) Flow rate Capacity of N2 Generator 6 to 30 LPM (as per selection of model) 12 LPM (filtered zero air),8 LPM ( purified dry air), 4 LPM (pure nitrogen) Pressure 5 kg/cm⊃2; or 100 psig / 60 psig Purity 100.00% > 99.995% Moisture 2 ppm 2 ppm Total Hydro Carbon < 0>


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