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Legionella Growth Supplement (BCYE)

Legionella Growth Supplement (BCYE)

  • Brand: Micromaster
  • Catalog No.: MS075
  • Quantity/Unit: 5 vial/Pack
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Legionella Growth Supplement (BCYE) is supplied by Micromaster. It is a chemical enrichment supplement recommended for enhancing growth of Legionella species. It is advisable to store these discs between 2-8C for maximum efficiency.

Quantity provided: 5 vial/pack

The discovery of the causative organism of Legionnaires' disease has been reviewed by Fallon. Since that review further progress has been made in culturing the organism from clinical specimens and also in the enumeration of Legionella species from environmental samples. Feeley et al described a modification of F-G Agar in which acid hydrolysed casein was replaced by yeast extract as the source of protein and starch was replaced by activated charcoal (Norit A) at a final concentration of 0.2% (w/v). This medium, which they named CYE Agar2 has been further supplemented with ACES Buffer and a -ketoglutarate and is described in the literature as BCYE- Medium. BCYE- Medium has been shown to yield optimal recovery of Legionella in a shorter incubation period from environmental samples and clinical specimens. Legionellaceae have an absolute nutritional requirement for L-cysteine. Presumptive Legionella spp. colonies can be sub-cultured onto both BCYE Medium with L-cysteine

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