Manual Homogenizer

Manual Homogenizer


Catalog No.: MH-04

Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box

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Product Description

Manual homogenizers by Omni International, or the BioMasher, can be used for small sample volumes and specifically in experiments where sample to sample cross contamination is a concern. The homogenizer contains a microtube, a filter and a homogenizer. The disposable homogenizer probe is used to homogenize the sample which is placed within the filter. The microtube can be centrifuged to remove the solid particulate and the homogenate is collected at the bottom of the microtube.

  • Volume of the microtube: 1.5 mL
  • Filter pore size: 80-145 m
  • Contents of the kit: Homogenizer, filter and microtube
  • Number of units: 50 microtubes, homogenizers and filters

This kit is autoclavable in case sterility is of importance. In general, the manual homogenizer is perfect for use during nucleic acid and protein extraction experiments. Further, this kit prevents cross contamination.