MAXIPENSE-TM Low Retention Tips, 1000 ul graduated -523105

MAXIPENSE-TM Low Retention Tips, 1000 ul graduated -523105

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Product Description

523105 is referred as MAXIPENSE-TM Low Retention Tips graduated  under Tarsons  Products Pvt. Ltd. Catalogue, category Pipette Tips. 523105 MAXIPENSE-TM Low Retention Tips graduated  are used for liquid sample handling. Maxipense, low retention surface is achieved by treatment on molecular level, modifying the

surface of the polymer with very low co-efficient of friction which is not effected by radiation or autoclaving These tips are not coated and are free from any additives which might contaminate your valuable sample, thus eliminates the loss of expensive reagents and having very high reproducible results. Tips are very useful for sensitive PCR and real time PCR applications


• MAXIPENSE-TM Low Retention Tips, graduated

• Material: Medical grade PP confirming to USP Class VI

• Autoclavable

• MAXIPENSE™ tips have universal crown size compatible with all popular pipettes

• Low surface retention achieved by modifying surface of

  polymer with very low coefficient of friction (

• Excellent chemical resistance, unaffected by radiation or


• Free of detectable DNase, RNase, PCR inhibitors, Human DNA free

• Sterile tips are pyrogen free

• Perfect geometry

•.Useful for sensitive PCR/Real time PCR reactions

• Available in racked and sterile varieties

• Capacity:1000 ul

• Pack size: 500 tips   per pack


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