McCoy's 5A Medium (For Suspension Culture) w/ L-Glutamine w/o CaCl, NaHCO3

McCoy's 5A Medium (For Suspension Culture) w/ L-Glutamine w/o CaCl, NaHCO3

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McCoy's 5A Medium (For suspension culture) With L-Glutamine Without Calcium chloride and Sodium bicarbonate is supplied by HiMedia. It is available in the form of an off-white to creamish white homogenous powder. The pH without Sodium Bicarbonate is between 4.5 -5.1 whereas the pH with Sodium Bicarbonate is between 6.5 -7.1. The osmolality without Sodium Bicarbonate is in the range of 250.00 -290.00 Osm/Kg H20 whereas the osmolality with Sodium Bicarbonate 290.00 -330.00 Osm/Kg H20. It is advisable to store this product between 2-8C. Media composition (in mg/L) is as follows:

Magnesium sulphate anhydrous (97.72)

Potassium chloride (400.00)

Sodium chloride (6460.00)

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous (1220.00)

Amino acids

Ascorbic acid (0.56)

Biotin (0.20)

Choline chloride (5.00)

D-Ca-Pantothenate (0.20)

Folic acid (10.00)

Niacin (0.50)

Niacinamide (0.50)

Pyridoxal hydrochloride (0.50)

Pyridoxine hydrochloride (0.50)

Riboflavin (0.20)

Thiamine hydrochloride (0.20)

Vitamin B12 (2.00)

i-Inositol (36.00)

p-Amino benzoic acid (PABA) (1.00)

D-Glucose (3000.00)

Glutathione reduced (0.50)

Peptic digest of animal tissue (600.00)

Phenol red Sodium Salt (11.00)

McCoy's 5A medium was developed at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York. The first medium was developed in 1955 as the result of studies on the nutritional requirements of the Walker 256 carcinoma. The original formulation was based on the amino acids in concentrations similar to those in Eagle's medium as well as the water-soluble vitamins of Medium 199. Modifications to the original formulation resulted in the final version being published in 1960. The final formulation also incorporates modifications done by Iwakata and Grace and contains increased amounts of folic acid, vitamin B12, and peptone. This medium is also known to support growth of primary cultures derived from a variety of tissues. This product contains L-glutamine and phenol red. As it is modified for use with suspension cells, it does not contain calcium chloride.

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