Measuring Cylinder Class B, Material: PP Autoclavable 500 ml

Measuring Cylinder Class B, Material: PP Autoclavable 500 ml

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Product Description

345060 is referred as Measuring Cylinder Class B under Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd. Catalogue, category Measuring Cylinder . 345060 Measuring Cylinder Class B are manufactured from translucent polypropylene. The cylinders feature a stable hexagonal base and a pouring spout. All cylinders also feature moulded graduations for improved accuracy and consistency. Products are Class B as per DIN 12681/ISO 6706. Resin meets US FDA 21 CFR requirements. The graduations are ring moulded for better reading.


Measuring Cylinder Class B, PP

Material: Polypropylene confirming to US FDA 21 CFR



Capacity: 500 ml

Pack size: 6 per pack